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Reconditioning P.I.V. gearboxes

Whether you have suffered a breakdown or just need maintenance, at some point your PIV gearboxes will need reconditioning. Not only do we have a decent selection of gearboxes available at GWS Parts (link), we can also offer excellent reconditioning services.

Professional repair and calibration

With PIV-trained engineers we can offer professional reconditioning of your gear boxes. The units are stripped in a specialised workshop, where all gears are replaced by brand new ones. After cleaning and rebuilding your unit will be completely calibrated and ready for many years of further production.

Assistance with installation

If you require assistance with the installation of your newly rebuilt gearbox, then we can of course also help. Our colleagues from GWS Services have experienced engineers who will gladly assist you in getting your press back in running condition.

Interested? Get in touch with us today!

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