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Consumables for web offset printing presses

GWS Parts can offer a wide array of consumables for web offset printing equipment, including cutting bars, knives, blades, nip rollers, jaws, rubber blankets, and solvents. Please contact us with your specific enquiries.

Everyday consumables for printing

Whether you need to replace press parts like spring blades, brushes, felts, vulkollan bars, cutting blades or nip rollers, we can assist. We have parts available for reel stands, printing units and folders. If you can provide us with an OEM article number that is the quickest way to receive a quote. But with detailed information about your press and the requested part we can often also assist.

Rubber blankets for heatset and coldset printing

We can offer custom made rubber blankets for commercial and coldset production in a variety of thicknesses. These European produced blankets can be quoted at very competitive prices, so we encourage you to contact us with your request. If you can include a blanket drawing with your message, showing all required bars, as well as dimensions and thickness then we can assist you quickly.

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