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International Shipping

We ship our products worldwide. Depending on the size, weight and dimensions of an order the shipping method can vary from postal service to container shipment. If you have specific questions about international delivery then please contact us directly.

When requesting an offer kindly indicate if you would like us to quote you on shipping. Alternatively we can use your courier account to book collection on your behalf. With the exception of UPS we will work with just about any international courier service (DHL, FedEx, TNT etc).

Will I be charged VAT?

No VAT will be charged if a) you are located outside the European Union or b) if - with the exception of Dutch (NL) companies - you can provide a valid European VAT number for Intra-Community transactions. If you are located in The Netherlands then standard VAT will apply to all orders.

Will there be any other charges I should know about?

If your delivery address is outside of the European Union, you may also be subject to customs charges and/or taxes. For more information please contact your local customs broker.

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